Lulwa Saleh Al-Mulla
Chairman of the Board

30 years experience in private business sector.
Member since 1985

Dr. Sohal Yousef Al-Fulaij
General Secretary

20 years experience at Kuwait center for scientific Research (KISR)
Member since 2006

Moodhi Mohamed Al-Suqair

20 years experience in private sector.
Member since 2000

Dr. Fatima Salamah Ayyad
Board Member

30 years experience in clinical Psychology.
Member since 1993

Fayza Mohamed Al-Awadi
Board Member

14 years experience in Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Kuwait & 18 years experience at Kuwait Center for Scientific Research (KISR) Member since 1994

Ghada Yousef Al -Ghanim
Board Member

16 years experiencing in Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development.
Member since 2009

Shamael A Al-Sharikh
Board Member

14 years experience in Oil Sector Services Co. Kuwait.
Member since 2002