This committee’s objective is to improve the health of Kuwaiti families and non- Kuwaiti by providing them with extra-governmental health services. The committee helps needy patients by providing them with necessary medical care and spreads health awareness through lectures and symposiums, particularly ones related to women’s and children’s well being. This committee develops its programs in accordance with the needs of the Kuwaiti community as uncovered by the other WCSS committees. Therefore, it has established the following facilities and projects:

Al-Amal (Hope) Club:

Al-Amal Club was inaugurated on January 14th, 1987 to provide care for male, female and particularly children cancer patients. The club works on providing a positive and relaxing atmosphere for those patients away from the crowds of outpatients and clinics. Because of the increase in the number of frequenters, the club has been re-built, expanded and re-inaugurated on May 6th, 2000. The WCSS has appointed a psychological specialist to care for pa­tients, and to organize and follow-up their doctor appointments.

The committee also secures the therapy costs for needy patients and those who are not covered by health insurance programs. The club is highly regarded by patients for its relieving atmosphere that reflects positively on their spirits and encourages them to continue therapy. Patients also enjoy the parties and daily entertainment activities held by the club. Patients with artistic skills, such as drawing and pottery, are encour­aged to produce works which are then displayed or sold at the exhibitions and charity markets held at or participated in by the Society.

Al-Amal (Hope) Project:

After health insurance had become obligatory, the committee found that many of those peo­ple who are lacking nationality (Bedoun) and other non-Kuwaitis couldn’t afford expensive medication. The committee has established Al-Amal Project to help them pay for medication thanks to the donations of charitable Kuwaitis.

AI-Asdiqaa (Friends) Club:

This club was inaugurated on March 1st 1999, when the WCSS realized the need for such a club to relieve and entertain the Psychiatric Hospital’s female residents, especially those chronic patients who are in permanent residence. The club tries to keep patients connected to the outside community and teaches them social communication skills and self care. The Health Committee members work hard to partially qualify patients by providing training on some of the simple profes­sions such as sewing, hand-made prod­ucts, and cooking. They also provide them with different kinds of entertain­ment such as reading amusing books and magazines, watching television, practicing sports in the garden, which remains well maintained for them. Also, the club organizes many parties to celebrate the different occasions.

Breast Cancer Awareness Team:

Breast cancer is one of the most widely spread diseases among women both wide and in Kuwait. Each year in October, the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the team launches a country-wide awareness campaign about this dangerous disease both through publications and also through holding various events shedding light on the disease and the best therapies available to fight it, and explaining the methods of early detection which can save the lives of many women.