The Kuwaitis for Jerusalem Committee was founded by the WCSS in conjunction with the Kuwaiti Graduates Society in 2000 . Its objectives are to support and help Palestinians and to underline the role Kuwaiti people play in supporting Pan ­Arab issues.

The committee focuses on support­ing long-term projects inside the Palestinian ter­ritories of an educational or health-oriented na­ture, as well as the projects that enhance solidarity between the two people of Kuwait and Palestine.

The committee also supports the projects of rehabilitating wounded and disabled Palestin­ians. It finances projects that contribute to halt­ing the Judaization of Jerusalem by rebuilding the houses torn down by Israeli occupation forces.

The committee personally follows up all adopted projects to ensure transaction transpa­rency, and that the financial aid goes to deserv­ing parties. It also supports a number of afflict­ed families, and provides financial support to orphans living inside the occupied territories.