Society in Brief:

The Women’s Cultural & Social Society (WCSS) is the first women’s society to be established in Kuwait.It was founded on February 3, 1963 by a group of Kuwaiti women who were among the first to graduate from universities and higher education institutes.
The Society’s main objective is to develop women in all fields, encourage their participation in community activities and increase their awareness of their rights and duties to ensure their effective contribution to such issues.
A seven-member board of directors, elected every two years by the general assembly, administers the Society.The general assembly is held annually to discuss past achievements and financial reports, as well as the proposals put forward by the WCSS members.
The Board of Directors carries out its tasks according to an established statute, whereby Board members chair the operating committees, and the other WCSS members share the voluntary responsibility of practicing cultural, social, health, media and sports activities through various committees.