The Zakat Committee was founded in 1981 to collect and distribute alms money in Kuwait ac­cording to the Shari’ah (Islamic law) rules.

Committee Rules:

  1. Providing economic support and assistance to needy Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti families residing in Kuwait.
  2. Assisting families unable to secure educational opportunities for their children through the payment of required fees either partially or in whole. The committee also participates in the Education Seeker (Taleb AI-Elm) program.
  3. Offering financial assistance to hospital patients in need, and to housebound patients who can’t work or earn their livelihood. The committee also provides assistance to their families in some cases.
  4. Providing care for poor orphans, as well as widows and divorced women who need to find a way for earning their livelihood.
  5. Assisting needy families with material aids and provisions. Support is also provided through the “Productive Families” program by marketing these families’ handicrafts at markets or charitable events organized by or participated in by the WCSS.

The committee members also go on unspecified field visits to needy families to survey and question their living conditions and determine their need for assistance.